Faronville Farm-Distillery, spirits from field to bottle

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Located in the Loiret region, in the heart of the Beauce plain, Faronville Farm is a family farm that a 4th generation farmer, Paul-Henri Leluc, took over in 2007, assisted by his wife Pauline. This couple, both passionate about spirits and agriculture, has taken up the challenge, since 2018, to create spirits from their own raw materials, controlling all production stages.

The Faronville Farm-Distillery be- nefits from a soil that is conducive to the farming of potatoes, the key ingredient that makes up the Faronville range. The Lelucs are proud of their roots and enthu- siastic producers, and are keen to highlight the land on which their bottles are made. Their specialty is to work on the potato’s aromatic palette, a production in which they have mastered the know-how for many years. The potatoes are selected according to strict standards relating to size and dry matter content, which are essential to the final taste of the 3 vodkas and Faronville gin.

The structural complexity of Faronville Premium and Petite Eau vodkas invites you to discover the pleasant experience of drinking them neat, at room temperature or slightly chilled.

Faronville Reserve Vodka, a potato vodka aged in oak barrels, is offered in single cask, in different finishes. The first batch is recently bottled and is aged in new barrels and then in Sauternes barrels.

The potato is also a logical ingredient in the newly created Faron- ville Gin, whose smoothness and balance will delight the most discerning palates.